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In the modern room decoration, people prefer to select the simple design light fixture to let their room look comfortable and make the decoration easier. For many offices, garages and other large area, the tube light is very common to use because of its easy installation, simple design and bright lighting effect. Consider to the energy-saving and eco-friendly, the LED light is becoming more and more popular since it has high efficiency, longer lifespan and do not contain any harmful substance. As one of the LED light product, the LED tube gradually takes the place of the traditional tube to offer more excellent lighting with less energy consumption.

Because the tube light is usually used in the large area which need 24 hour lighting, so the energy bill is a big problem. With the LED tube, it can save a large amount of energy cost for everyday use. Compare to the traditional tube, LED tube consume much less energy to reduce the energy bills. Also because of its longer lifespan and eco-friendly feature, the user can avoid the troubles and cost for replace the tube while enjoy a healthier lighting environment.

If you want to save the energy bills for the office or garage lighting, the LED tube should be the ideal choice to easily replace the existing tube. Of course, you can also use the LED tube in your living room as an indirect lighting for the ceiling. The installation is very flexible because of the simple and small design of the LED tube shape. There are various specifications on the market to meet different decoration demands.

No matter in house, office or commercial lighting, we can find the simple and exquisite down light mounted on the ceiling, offer bright lighting while does not occupy the extra installation space. With the simple and embedded installation, the down light is very popular in the ceiling lighting. With the advanced technology, now the LED down lamps have take the place of the traditional down light because it consume less energy and offer more comfortable bright lighting.

It can light up your whole room just as an expensive light fixture do, but save more than 90% of power consumption. This light made of high quality metal materials, safe and long lifespan, is perfect for living room, hall, office, store, super market, hotel, etc.

LED down lights offer different sizes to provide LED down lights for a wide variety of new construction and or retrofit applications. An immediate 85% in energy savings is achieved, many of the down lights include energy saving, adjust-ability, trim color options, assembly instructions are included along with accessories to make installation fast and easy for the average homeowner.

With all LED light advantages, the LED down lamp save a lot energy bills for everyday lighting, its longer lifespan help to avoid the frequent replacement of the light source, it does not contain any harmful substance to provide a healthier and green lighting environment. It is the ideal light fixture for the ceiling lighting for home, office and commercial areas.

Every day, we need to spend too much time in kitchen and bathroom and also want to enjoy good lighting at that time. But in the past, because of the wet environment of the kitchen and bathroom, the light fixtures that can be installed are very limited which causes the lighting condition is not very good. Now, the LED lights are with more excellent performance to replace the traditional light. With the advanced protection features, it can freely to use in bathroom, kitchen even underwater. The LED faucet light is the one that can provide better lighting condition to let you enjoy the kitchen and bathroom time.

With the LED inside, the LED faucet light is water powered, when the water through it will light up and the light color will change when the water temperature vary to protect you be hurt by the hot water. LED Faucet light is the newest way to check for the temperature of your water. Sometimes, water differs in temperature and before we take a bath we often check it before dipping or turning the shower knob full. Now you do not have to hesitate before throwing yourself into the water as you can see already if the water temperature is warm enough or too cold for a shower.

LED faucet light fits on most taps and lights up a set of light when you turn on the tap. Light disappears once you turn off the tap, transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. If you want to let your kitchen time to be funny and comfortable, do not hesitate to replace the old faucet with the LED faucet light which add colors and save energy bills for daily use.

Among the house decoration, the kitchen lighting is a big matter in order to make your house comfortable and convenient for daily activities. With the bright lighting effect and small size, the cabinet light is perfect and wonderful for home use, store, exhibition, and other lighting and decoration. For the kitchen lighting, most people will choose the LED cabinet light to mount under the cabinet to light the prepare desk for cooking or install insider the cabinet to illuminate the interior projects.

Under LED cabinet lighting is not your only option for kitchen lighting. Glass cabinet lighting provides great accent lighting to make your cabinets pop and make your china and glassware glow. Compare to the traditional cabinet light, the LED cabinet light enjoys its own advantage.

LED light is the most energy-efficient light resource you can purchase. They last much longer than any incandescent or compact florescent light bulb. Additionally, LED under cabinet light fixtures are bright enough to light up your entire kitchen without using multiple fixtures.

In terms of energy reduction, you will be able to save money as you use your under cabinet fixtures as the primary light resource. At the same time, you’ll be going green with less energy waste, and you won’t have to replace these lights for years.

The LED cabinet light installation is very simple. The majority of people who install under cabinet lights can do so completely on their own. Most LED light fixtures can be installed at the base of your cabinets with little to no wiring.

If you have the garden lighting decoration experience or know something about the outdoor LED lighting, you should know the LED floodlight and LED wall washer light which play an important illumination role in the outdoor lighting, no matter for personal garden or the public and commercial area lighting.

A LED wall washer light comprising front housing, rear housing, light pole fixation base, clear cap, characterized in that: it also comprises the transformer fixed on the rear housing and the LED panel connected with the front housing; there are couples of heat sinks on external surface of the rear housing; the internal surface of the foresaid front housing is equipped with minimum one slot with couples of heat sinks in; on internal surface of the foresaid front housing, there is minimum one slot corresponding to the slot equipped on the foresaid front housing internal surface; the foresaid slot is arch in shape.

Using LED wall washer lights to wall wash within your home is a very practical and beautiful way to completely change the look of a room. Whether you are trying to spruce-up a dated room, accent a wall in your media room, create a dramatic entrance, simply add some light to a child’s room, or bring attractive lighting effect for your garden, wall washing with LED light is a great way to make a huge difference to a room with a minimum of effort.

With the LED as light source, the LED wall washer light can offer various color change lighting to add charming to your place. And with the pre-program control, you can adjust the lighting modes easily. The LED wall washer light is the ideal choice to make your lighting attractive.

Why are installing load resistors necessary for LED turn signal lights? If you don’t install load resistors (also known as equalizers) with LED turn signal bulbs, you will experience the notorious hyper flash issue. Hyper flash is exactly what it sounds like, where the turn signal light flashes rapidly and is almost headache inducing. Not only is this ugly, but you may also attract the police who think your bulb is burned out. The LED turn signal light has a more excellent lighting performance to help you avoid these troubles.

You can easily install the LED turn signal light on your vehicle according to the installation guides. To wire in turn signals that share the rear bulbs with the brake and tail lights, you have to get a little creative… What you have to do is make the brake light wires and the turn signal wires combine in a way that the turn signal wires can override the brake signal.

The LED turn signal light use the LED as the light source which makes it has an excellent lighting performance and longer lifespan to avoid the replacement and maintenance troubles. Technically, you are required to signal if there is someone to signal to, which makes sense considering the point of a turn signal is to tell other people what you are about to do and/or would like to do. If you are the only person around and driving at 4 AM all by yourself on the road then technically you do not have to signal. But keep in mind you are still required to signal to any type of road user that is present and that includes pedestrians & cyclists, as well as drivers; and this includes people that you may not notice when driving at 4 AM.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the atmosphere of any home can be greatly influenced by the right type of lighting. It is the main reason why many people choose LED strip light as the auxiliary lighting at home. Not only do LED strips provide a great source of secondary lighting, they can also add colorful accents to rooms, and change the mood depending on the occasion.

Under cabinet lighting is one of the most common applications of LED strip lights. This relatively easy installation is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, office, or work bench area that would benefit from high quality direct task lighting. With the bright and soft lighting from the LED strip light, you can be more convenient when prepare foods one the kitchen.

When looking into LED strip light, you will come across some terminology regarding different types of strip. These different types generally refer to power used which is directly related to how bright the strip is. For most domestic applications 3528/60 strip is sufficient.

5050 LED strip light is quite a bit brighter and suitable for areas where you want to see the light from a long way off. Commercial buildings or retail shops might use this to back-light signs or highlight building features.

Of course, besides the use under cabinet, the LED strip light can be easily mounted on the ceiling as the indirect lighting to add a warm and soft atmosphere to your home. The LED strip light with high protection level is also used in the fish tank lighting decoration. There are many colors for choose, if you like the rich colors, do not hesitate to purchase the LED strip lights with color dimmable feature, so you can adjust different colors to fit your occasions.

When the weather becomes better, the outdoor landscape shows its beauty to human’s eye sights. In this time, we can easy find many young guys are more willing to go to the countryside to enjoy the natural beauty. For the night driving, the lighting should be the most important thing that need to be considered before enjoy the travelling.

Besides install the high quality LED light bar and LED work light to your vehicle in order to get extra lighting for driving, you should pay attention to choose the road that have good lighting conditions. Now, with the widely use of the LED light, many government have finished the LED street light replacement project on the main city roads. You can select the driving road that use LED street light as the lighting fixture.

There are many reasons why LED technology should be a consideration in street and area lighting. LED lights are environmentally friendly because they consume so little energy. They are free from hazardous chemicals such as mercury and lead which release toxins. They are not made with arc tubes like traditional HID but instead use diodes. Diodes help boost the resistance of the lamp giving them a higher rate of durability compared with other lamp technology, which ultimately provides a significantly longer lifespan. LED is becoming more common in street lighting applications because it projects the lumen output of the LED more efficiently, which allows for wider coverage of a consistent light pattern. Uniformity is one of the benefits of a well-designed solid state lighting product.

Choose the road with the LED street light will let you enjoy a stable and bright road lighting to avoid the accidents so to add the security among your driving travelling.

If you like riding at late evening with friends when after a whole day hard work, then before going riding, you should consider how to ensure your safety during the night riding. The safety is the most important thing for any exercise. For the night riding, the suitable lighting can ensure you can see the surrounding clearly to avoid the accidents.

Besides the LED bike light mounted on the handle for illuminating the front road, there are other small lights need to let the vehicles notice the biker to avoid the accidents and the LED laser tail light laser can be helpful. LED laser tail light is more than a normal LED tail light; it uses a laser to project a virtual bike lane behind the rider. In addition, the laser tail light uses tilt sensors to blink the LEDs and the appropriate lane stripe to indicate the direction of a turn.

It uses two additional laser lights to mark a virtual red line bike lane to make you and your bike more visible. The LED tail light not only can improve the security of night riding and cycling entertainment, but also can make you, especially young boys, gain more second glances. The both of lasers and taillight work on separate circuits so one can flash while the other is on constant which allow you get more lighting effect on different occasions. T his little laser beam tail light will ensure your safety while riding in the darkness.

After a whole day hard work, a relaxing shower should be the most comfortable thing for everyone when come back home. But the low quality shower head may destroy your enjoying time because the hot water may hurt you and the uneven water fall make you uncomfortable. If you have this trouble, then it is time to replace your old shower head with the advanced LED shower head which do not consume any electronic power and offer wonderful light to illuminate your bathroom. Just imagine the colorful or single color water flowing down on you will be so much of fun. It is the new innovative and cool style of taking bath.

LED shower heads will light up your shower water with a blue color glow when the water is cold and red glow when the water is hot. It’s a great way to see whether your shower is up to temperature, without risking burning yourself or being shocked by the cold. Get the senses of perfect temperature with the help of blue and light effects. These shower heads also do come in with the fittings of colorful light inside. You may go for LED lighting shower heads or LED lighting hand showers. Choice is yours according to your bathing area, shower equipment installation and budget.

The LED shower head is the best choice that helps you enjoy a comfortable and funny shower while save the energy. With the temperature sensor feature, the color change will remind you the water temperature to avoid the hot water hurt you.